Season 8, Episode 14, “Super Bowl Fun Day”

Pre-Credits Gag:  Stephanie works with the twins while they try to make a collage of animals that they saw at the zoo.  One of them holds up a picture of a hot dog, which I assume to mean that he saw a lot of pig lips and anuses.   DJ comes in and tells them all to get the fuck out of the living room because some lady from some college scholarship fund is coming by later and she really needs the financial boost because her worthless uncles have drained all of the families resources, and that’s not even considering all the egregious property damage that’s been wrought upon the full house over the years (remember that time the dining room was completely destroyed?  And remember the other time it was, too?).

As DJ anal-retentively prepares the living room for her interview, Joey waltzes in after being on the road doing comedy for several weeks (never mind how he was able to miss his radio DJ job all that time, or if he even still has that job) and sits down to watch the Super Bowl.  DJ tells him to get the fuck out of there because he’s already been enough of a hindrance on her life and she really doesn’t need him fucking up her scholarship interview on top of everything else but he pleads with her and mentions that her dad and Becky are going to be hosting the Super Bowl pre-game show because of course they are.  DJ says that’s cool and everything but she’s gonna tape it and watch it later and then Joey finally agrees to watch the game up in his room.

Before he can get up the stairs, Joey is accosted by Jesse and Michelle, who remind him that he’d agreed months ago to take Michelle’s science club to the museum that day.  Let’s just take a minute to unpack all that, shall we?  Ok, so I can buy that Joey is a big enough idiot that he agreed to take a bunch of kids to a museum on Super Bowl Sunday even though he really wanted to watch the game.  But what’s up with Michelle having a science club all of a sudden?  We know that it can’t be school related because they’re getting together on a Sunday.  So this is just some independent organization that she’s spearheaded due to her love of science, I guess.  The craziest part of all of this, though, is that Michelle’s science club apparently books events months in advance, which is just total fucking nonsense.  This is a club that’s run by 7 years olds.

Joey tries to weasel out of his obligation by asking Jesse if he can’t just take the kids to the museum by himself and then suddenly, as if on cue, all of the kids run in all at once (never mind why some other parent was able to transport that many kids all together but is unwilling to help with the museum trip.  Also never mind that that’s way more kids than you could possibly fit into one car) and start crowding around Jesse and pulling on him, which is pretty weird.

After Aaron Bailey makes an unsettling remark about how his dad likes to peep at women with a telescope, Joey tries to reason with the kids and convince them that they should just stay at home and watch the Super Bowl.  They staunchly refuse and then Joey says that there’s a way for the kids to learn science while he watches the Super Bowl and then they cut to a scene of Joey and all of the kids in some shitty sports bar, which is pretty fucked up if you ask me.

Who even let him bring all those kids into a bar?  That’s gotta be illegal.  Joey fails to convince the kids that the sports bar has any educational merit but then he offers them a bunch of quarters so they can play games.  Naturally, he borrows the money for quarters from Jesse.  As they sit down to watch the Super Bowl, I couldn’t help but notice that the bartender is played by the same guy who played Rigby the Rhino’s bodyguard in an earlier episode.  I guess they brought him back because he had such a charismatic onscreen presence.  Actually, I also noticed another extra who looked familiar and after a quick IMDB search it turns out that he’s played bit parts on the show in 3 previous episodes, so I guess they’re just reusing actors for small parts because it’s convenient.

Before the game starts, Danny and Becky appear on air for some Super Bowl pre-game programming.  They’re supposed to be showing the audience the room that operates the scoreboard but end up opening a janitorial closet, which is pretty much how shit goes down every time they’re supposed to do anything on tv.

Seriously, who invited the hosts of Wake Up, San Francisco, a show where nothing ever goes smoothly, to host the Super Bowl pre-game show?  Even though Becky and Danny are the ones who fuck up on air, the person that booked them is to blame if you ask me.  They seriously should have known better.

Michelle and her little friends, left wholly unattended in a creepy sports bar, try to find ways to keep themselves entertained.  They decide to grab a remote so they can try to find a science channel on one of the tv’s because they’re all really into science as of this episode.  Derek changes the channel and then there’s some pretty sweet footage of the majestic blue-footed booby doing its distinctive mating dance on screen.  Anyone who knows anything about science knows that the blue-footed booby loves to fuck.

It turns out that the remote changes the channel of every tv in the bar so all the patrons get really aggravated because they’d rather watch the Super Bowl than the sensual mating dance of the majestic blue-footed booby and then for some reason the kids decide to run around with the remote instead of handing it over.  Aaron Bailey drops it behind the control podium thing and then when the uncles try to reach behind it to get the remote back, they tip the whole thing over, which I totally did not see coming at all.

After all of the tv’s are totally ruined, everyone in the bar gets super pissed and for one hopeful moment it seems like they might beat Jesse and Joey to death.  Michelle suggests that they all go to the science museum with them and for another moment it seems like they might because that idea’s just dumb enough to fly on this shitty show.  Instead, Joey invites them all to watch the game at the full house, which is just as dumb an idea, really.

When everyone pours into the full house, DJ is like, “what the fuck are you assholes all doing here?  Don’t you remember that this whole premise began with me asking you to watch the game someplace else?”  Jesse takes the kids upstairs to try to find some sort of scientific activity to make up for the fact they they got totally cheated out of their museum trip and Joey and all the barflys take the tv into the kitchen to watch the game.

Becky and Danny come back onscreen again and make another attempt to check out the room that the scoreboard is operated from.  They find the correct room this time but then the alarm goes off when they try to open the door because I guess that they didn’t think to coordinate anything with anyone.  Who even gives a shit about seeing the room that the scoreboard is operated from anyway?  The best part is that after the onscreen folly, Stephanie denies to the barflys that Danny is her father.  I guess she’s finally getting to that age where she’s cognizant enough to be ashamed of Danny.

Jesse puts together a demonstration for the kids about haircare and they’re like “fuck this shit” and decide to go downstairs to watch the Super Bowl.  DJ shoos them into the kitchen with the barflys but then the scholarship lady shows up at the back door, which DJ probably should have anticipated because people seem to come in through the backyard for no reason pretty frequently.  DJ hastily ushers everyone back out to the living room and then opens the door for the scholarship lady, who’s played by Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

Mimi sits DJ down and tells her that she hopes that she’s serious about college because a lot of kids just expect it to be one big party but DJ’s like, “no way, man, I’m a total square,” which is pretty inarguable.  Just then, Kimmie Gibbler comes in and blows up DJ’s spot for a minute before DJ shoves her back into the living room. Mimi asks if there’s a Super Bowl party going on in the other room and DJ assures her that there isn’t even though it totally doesn’t make any sense that it would effect her chances of getting a scholarship if people were watching the Super Bowl in her house during the interview.  I mean, really, this whole premise is just completely ridiculous.  Anyway, it turns out that Mimi is a big football fan so she hastily awards DJ the scholarship so she can watch the game in the other room, which is such a delightful twist, isn’t it?

Now that everyone is finally watching the game in peace, Michelle decides to go sulk in the kitchen, so Joey follows her for a very special talk.  He explains to her that sometimes things don’t turn out the way that you planned and that she needs to learn how to handle that, which is actually the best advice that anyone’s ever given her.  Being the evil mastermind that she is, though, Michelle just turns Joey’s moral around on him by pointing out that he had an obligation that he shirked because he wanted to watch the Super Bowl, making him a hypocrite.  The music comes on as Joey realizes that he was a real shithead for putting some little kids field trip that could have easily been rescheduled aside so that he could watch the biggest sports event of the year instead.  He apologizes and they agree to go to the museum the following weekend, which they should have just done in the first place, for sucks sake, and then they go back into the living room to watch the Super Bowl with everyone.

New and Updates:  I’m having a real hard time finding a venue for the FHR close-out party in San Francisco.  Does anyone know of a bar that would let me do a slideshow and give a little talk or something?  I’m currently planning on doing an event on December 20th in San Francisco and then doing the official close-out party on the last day of the blog in late January in Portland, OR.  The Portland event should be real easy to put together but the SF one’s not going so well…

Also, I’ve gotten about ten million messages about a few articles over the past few weeks.  Apparently the Full House sequel series is a hoax, which is all the same to me because there was no way I was gonna watch that shit anyway.  And, yes, I have seen the articles about Derek growing up to be a gay go-go dancer.  I can’t say that I was surprised.  See, i wasn’t razzing him for being gay, I was just stating the obvious.  Maybe we could all go see him and have that be the close-out party?  I’ll stuff the Season 8 DVD box set in his little banana hammock.

122 thoughts on “Season 8, Episode 14, “Super Bowl Fun Day”

  1. I really like how the bar owner is satisfied as long as he can watch the game at the full house and is not at all concerned with the fact that he had to close his place of business on its busiest day of the year and will be making no money. Also the bar patrons probably would have preferred to watch the game at a house where alcohol is allowed.

    • Ian, I would have preferred the bar flies forming a lynch mob and all of them could have solved the Jesse and Joey problem! Or, better yet, if Michelle and her friends would have gone “Children of the Corn” on Joey and Jesse’s asses and that would solve the problem as well! As for Joey, it seems odd to me that a guy with a teaching certificate would not value education and he wouldn’t care about DJ’s college interview!

  2. Also I just looked it up and the Super Bowl was on ABC that year, so it’s sort of surprising that Full House got away with portraying the majority of the full house as indifferent to the game and the pre-game show as horrible.

    • Also the San Francisco 49ers were playing in the game. Yeah I know this show is shot well in advance, but given that the team was a perennial contender for most of the decade, they could have shot an alternate scene acknowledging this just in case.

    • I had been wondering about the use of the word “Superbowl” in the show. I know that in recent years, the folks that own that brand have been pretty litigious. But, if it was on the same network, maybe that gives you carte blanche.

      • It’s possible that FH struck up some kind of deal with Superbowl organizers. Like, “Pimp us out on tv, and we’ll give you commercial time’ or some crap like that.

        • Well, Boy Meets World did an episode once where Shawn has to get tickets to the Superbowl. Granted, that episode was a few years after this one, but that was ABC as well.

          • I’m assuming the whole plot line was written as thinly-veiled Superbowl promotion. Terrible, terrible Superbowl promotion that didn’t bother to try to tie in any 49ers excitement on a show set in San Francisco, and showed nothing but ineptitude from some characters and indifference from others about the game. But it’s “Full House,” so what could the Superbowl expect?

      • I’m pretty sure that part of the negotiations to host the Super Bowl includes the right to use its trademark.

        What I wonder is if they had to do something weird for syndication. Getting the rights for one year is one thing, but keeping them for DVD release is another.

        Not that I think it’s right that a show can’t even mention the Super Bowl, even if it’s not promoting it.

  3. So I only discovered this blog a little while ago, and have spent countless hours since perusing its hilarious archives.

    I used to watch this show religiously and loved it as a young girl – but feel like I’m only truly realising how dire it’s been!

    Cheers mate! Fan from Australia

  4. Also, every single American show I’ve ever seen has some kind of a Superbowl episode. How big of a deal is it, in general?

    • It’s a huge deal. Just to give you an idea, the commercial breaks are almost as anticipated as the game (the ads are all the newest and ‘best’ ones), and a single slot can go for millions of dollars. You don’t see that for a baseball game.

    • It’s HUGE. Bigger than the Olympics, honestly.

      As in, corporations pay literally millions of dollars for a mere 30-60 seconds of commercial airtime and because of that, commercials are another selling point of the Super Bowl. People who aren’t interested in the football at all watch for the commercials.

      Other channels don’t even bothering airing new episodes of TV shows because their ratings would be in the shithole. Usually they just air movies or reruns. The only exception is Animal Planet with their incredibly adorable Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime Show, but even they will repeat it for almost the rest of the evening so those who want to watch the Super Bowl can then watch the Puppy Bowl afterward.

      The halftime show is always an extravaganza with some major music superstar headlining. Sports bars are filled up and employees work insane hours because that is easily the busiest day of the year. Every other place sees low numbers or outright closes early. Grocery stores run excellent sales for the inevitable Super Bowl parties (and there are only parties because the Super Bowl really isn’t something you watch by yourself at home).

      • Don’t forget that Best Buy and other electronics stores run huge sales on giant TVs and accessories. And pizza places are swamped as fuck.

        Tl:dr – Huge deal.

    • If I’m not mistaken, it often THE most-watched television program in the world. 108.7 million viewers last year. Anybody with a healthy social life watches – you either watch the game, watch the commercials, or go to the party just to hang out, eat, and drink, which ends up in watching some or most of the game, anyway.

      • Actually, Superbowl is the most watched television program only in the United States. Football (soccer for Americans) is the most widely watched television program(sports event if you will) in the world. English Premiere League has over 100 games a year and each game is watched by more than 500 million people. Even Cricket has more viewers than american football. Then again, nothing beats the commercials at Superbowl.

  5. You guys, I was on PINS AND NEEDLES wondering if DJ was going to get a college scholarship! Maybe this episode was going to be the one time someone said DENIED to one of the denizens of the full house. Good thing Mimi likes her some football! That was a real squeaker.

    Also: banana hammock. Thank you.

    • I was glad DJ got the scholarship, too! As for Jesse and Michelle, I was beyond surprised that the science museum allowed them back because of the destruction the 2 of them plus Denise caused to the dinosaur skeleton! I think with all the destruction the Tanner family causes over the years, the residents of San Francisco would sign a petition kicking them out of their fair city!

      • That’s the thing about the Tanners though. They’re not like your or I, where we have to live in a world of consequences and repercussions when we screw up. These people will get a free pass. Every time.

        I will always think back to the “Sprayguard Two-Thousand AND ONE” and how the duds (see what I did there?) bought air time to shill an existing product (and in an immature manner might I add). I’ve been in professional media for seven years post collegiate. I’ve work on air as a local news anchor for a radio station here in Massachusetts (not Boston) and also at the print level. I come here to make disgusting jokes regarding a TV show that (from all accounts was one revenue loss away from being cancelled after a few episodes) should have been cancelled. So, I come here to have fun and be shocking even though what I might say is just an act. If my employer found out what I was doing here, I would be up shit’s creek.

        When I post something on Social Media, I have to be aware of what might or might not come back to haunt me. You’re responsible for what you do when you’re not reporting as much as you are when on air at the station. Apparently, these three (including Rebecca who made the comment about the laboratory in her June Foray voice) have zero concern that their actions on that infomercial will have long term consequences.

        If I acted like those three did, I would be gone. I would also be the laughing stock on the City where I like (and in my dying medium), you need to be grateful for having a job to report the news. The Clear Channels are robbing us of our livelihoods by the minute. It feels as if can’t win. I might try something new though. Anyways, I needs me sum sleep yo.

        Billy…You da man brother! Thank you for some great insights.

    • This show really knows its suspense, doesn’t it?

      Yeah, on the one hand I’m not entirely sure how the hectic nature of DJ’s household is supposed to reflect badly on her enough to where she would be in danger of not getting a scholarship…then again, on the other hand this IS the Tanner family we’re talking about here. I can see prospective schools getting scared. These people would have to come down to the campus sometimes to see DJ-just think of the havoc they’d wreck!

      That said, I have practically no memory of this episode. Some of it sounds familiar, but I don’t believe this is one I’ve ever seen, at least, not in full. Huh.

      The screencap of Danny looking into that janitor’s closet cracked me up, as did the banana underwear thing.

      • Maybe it’s not even shown in syndication due to the Super Bowl trademark rights. So the only memory you would have is when it first aired.

    • “Maybe this episode was going to be the one time someone said DENIED to one of the denizens of the full house.”

      Don’t wanna give away any spoilers, though. So you’ll just have to wait this one out. Lol.

  6. Why was Jesse even asked to be a part of this trip after what happened at the museum last time he was in there when he and Michelle destroyed a whole dinosaur? He should be banned for life from any place where there’s priceless shit because you just know he’s going to fuck it up.

    Also, I hate to say it, but the barflys should have known better. They stupidly let a bunch of asshole 7 year olds into the bar. Of course something was going to get fucked up!

  7. SOOO much wrong with this episode. The fact that Jesse is even allowed to take any of these kids on any field trip after what happened at the dinosaur museum is insane. Even if you argue that it’s not a SCHOOL trip, Aaron and Derek were at least at the museum last time, so you’d think their parents would be like “Uh, that irresponsible jerk is taking your club out? Uh-uh, sorry you’re not going.”

    I know that thinking ahead isn’t really Jesse’s and Joey’s forte, but what in God’s name gave them the idea that it was ok to bring a bunch of children to a bar, and THEN bring them to their home where they proceeded to entertain them in a BEDROOM?? Are you kidding?? In what world is that ok?? I can just imagine Derek going home, “Mom, we went to a bar and then Jesse took me into a bedroom and washed my hair.” Why is this man not on a sex offender registry??

    • Alison, you’re absolutely right! Why would anyone take a bunch of minors to a bar with drinking and drunken behavior? As for washing Derrick’s hair, why would he do that unless Derrick had dirty hair? Aaron said in this episode that Jesse knew nothing and Joey was the smart one. If Jesse was really smart, he would tell them and show them how caterpillars turn into butterflies or even how shampoo is produced. Last thing: with all the times he kisses Michelle, someone should notice how overboard he goes!

  8. So first of all, the Super Bowl is always on Sunday evenings at 6pm Eastern time, so 3pm in San Francisco.

    If we let the whole idea of a science club slide, who would pick 3pm on a Sunday to go to the museum. And why couldnt Joey be like, ok kids you know what, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting even of the year, and it is not at all unacceptable for me to want to watch it, so how about we go to the museum on Sunday from 12-2 and then I get home in time for the game?

    Also, what scholarship fund would schedule an interview on a Sunday either? That doesnt seem like a job that would need to work on weekends.

    Finally, theres a girl who I knew in HS who was just like DJ…completely straight edge and all about school. She went to college, became a huge whore, and now at age 27 still cant go a friday night without getting wasted and taking home some strange schlong. So I like to think that is DJ’s future.

    • I don’t think museums are even open that late on Sundays. No one likes to learn on the day of rest. It’s a day for lazy pants,no showering, and, for Jake Bitterman’s high school peer, lots of schlong.

    • I bet the kids’ parents came up with the idea: “Hey, let’s dump the kids off on the Tanner household on Super Bowl Sunday so we can watch the game in peace!”

  9. I had to take a few minutes before posting. That Derek/Banana Hammock comment made me laugh too hard, I almost passed out.

    Once again, Full House takes the kind of situation you would see on Three’s Company and somehow makes it even stupider and more nonsensical. This seems like one of those episodes (i.e. all of them) where the “writers” came up with the plot by shouting random things at each other.

    Writer 1: What if Michelle and her friends had a club?
    Writer 2: A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Power Rangers Club?
    Writer 3: No! We already did that! We can’t do things twice for whatever fucking reason. We’re not competent!
    Writer 1: Let’s make it school-related this time. A math club!
    Writer 2: A history club!
    Writer 3: Bananas!
    Writer 1: No…a science club!
    Writer 3: Brilliant.
    Writer 2: Okay, this is Michelle we’re talking about so we have to make the club a burden on everyone somehow.
    Writer 1: What if Joey had to take the club somewhere but he wanted to do something else?
    Writer 2: Go on a date?
    Writer 3: No, it has to be believable.
    Writer 2: Go to a bar?!
    Writer 3: Perform his shitty standup somewhere?!
    Writer 1: No, but lets jam those ideas in there somehow anyway.
    Writer 2: What if he wanted to watch something on TV?
    Writer 1: The Emmys!
    Writer 2: The Oscars!
    Writer 3: Bananas!
    Writer 1: Wait, the Super Bowl’s a thing, right?
    Writer 2: But aren’t all these things Sunday events? Why would a school club have a thing on a Sunday?
    Writer 1: You’re thinking too much, you’re fired!

    • I love you :D.

      No! We already did that! We can’t do things twice for whatever fucking reason. We’re not competent!

      This line made me laugh. A lot.

    • Hahahaha this is brilliant! It’s always a pleasure to read the comments section’s take on the Full House writers room.

    • Writer 1: What if Joey had to take the club somewhere but he wanted to do something else?
      Writer 2: Go on a date?
      Writer 3: No, it has to be believable.

      I fucking died when I read that! XD

    • I’m glad everyone you all enjoyed it :)

      It’s literally what I always imagined the writers room of this show to be like every time I read Billy’s reviews.

      Now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to imagine Chris Walken asking for more bananas…because that is just an awesome scenario. Period.

  10. “Actually, I also noticed another extra who looked familiar and after a quick IMDB search it turns out that he’s played bit parts on the show in 3 previous episodes, so I guess they’re just reusing actors for small parts because it’s convenient.”

    Out of curiosity, I looked this actor up a while back, too. His name is Greg Collins and he had 4 roles in 5 years.

    Of the news articles you received, was one of them about (Mrs. Carruthers) Marcia Wallace? I was waiting to see if you would acknowledge her death. Maybe you didn’t because it was sad, which is understandable.

  11. “Anyway, it turns out that Mimi is a big football fan so she hastily awards DJ the scholarship so she can watch the game in the other room, which is such a delightful twist, isn’t it?”

    Boy, I’ll bet those other students who were just as or more deserving of that scholarship, but didn’t have the good luck to have a football game on when Mimi came are pissed.

    As for the reuse of extras, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hard time finding actors to be on this show so they had to keep reusing the poor souls they could actually get.

  12. I still can’t wrap my head around this episode. So many things wrong with it even beyond a regular episode, and that’s saying something with this show.


    Everyone’s done a great job of pointing out all the logical inconsistencies involved in this, from the science club to the timing to kids being in the bar to the scholarship stuff. I shouldn’t be at this point, but I’m amazed a group of professional writers put this together and thought it was good enough to be on TV.

    I just have one question: This didn’t actually air after the Super Bowl, did it?

    …checks Wikipedia…it did not. Phew.

    start crowding around Jesse and pulling on him, which is pretty weird.

    They all either love science, or Jermsey.

    so I guess they’re just reusing actors for small parts because it’s convenient.

    And cheap!

    Seriously, who invited the hosts of Wake Up, San Francisco, a show where nothing ever goes smoothly, to host the Super Bowl pre-game show?

    Right? And seriously, unless the 49ers were in this game (apparently they were, but I doubt they knew that when this episode was made) or it was being played in San Fran, why in the world would the hosts of some rinking dink local morning show be doing the pregame?

    Unless the idea is that this is only airing on the local channel, and the reason Danny and Becky are doing lame stuff like looking at the scoreboard is because they don’t have the credentials or pull to be involved in the actual pre-game coverage?

    In which case, that’s the one part of this episode they got right…

    DJ hastily ushers everyone back out to the living room

    Cue the Benny Hill music!

    Anyway, it turns out that Mimi is a big football fan so she hastily awards DJ the scholarship so she can watch the game in the other room, which is such a delightful twist, isn’t it?

    You’d think, being such a big football fan, she wouldn’t be conducting scholarship interviews at peoples homes, on a Sunday, when the Super Bowl was on…

    • Maybe they think that SF is really a small town, so it’s important to feature the same extras over and over to get that small-town feel. They probably have a little folder of head-shots of extras that they like for their show. I have the same problem with my show, only it has the added funny bonus of producing the reaction, “Hey, didn’t that guy die horribly three episodes ago?”

      • LOL :D.

        I don’t have that problem with any of my shows, thankfully…that I can recall, anyway. I just seem to have this weird running thing where people from shows my mom likes appear on a show I like, or something like that (it’s a running joke between my mom and I that we can find so many random connections between each of our favorite actors/shows/bands/etc.)

        @teebore: “Cue the Benny Hill music!”

        Ha! Loved this comment-I think the show would definitely be improved if everyone ran around the house at super speed.

    • “Unless the idea is that this is only airing on the local channel, and the reason Danny and Becky are doing lame stuff like looking at the scoreboard is because they don’t have the credentials or pull to be involved in the actual pre-game coverage?”

      This is what I was thinking. I would imagine, with the rather segmented television/media landscape of the USA, that local channels may well produce their own segments for intros and outros of big events. At least in the 90’s, anyway. Now it’s all far too commercial.

      • The Super Bowl was played in Miami that year. The station really had money in the budget to send Danny and Rebecca to do a live feed in Miami?

        Also, as for your party on the 20th, does anyone know the owner of the house used for the exterior of the full house? Maybe you could have it in their backyard.

        • The sad thing is with clever (not likely on this show) scene arrangements they could’ve done something like The Simpsons’ Atlanta Falcons mug over mouth joke a good 4 years before them… well not exactly like it but you get the idea and frankly i’m surprised that the NFL (and ABC for that matter) didn’t sue them for inappropriate use of their property but then again this is full house so who cares…

  13. Okay this show so this the super bowl.
    Just the facts.
    The 49ers were in there 4 super bowl row at this point.
    Her dad was the hosting the pre game show.
    She has 18 others in her house.
    Why the fuck would care if here family watching the bowl!?

  14. I love the screen shot of the bar after the loser uncles knocked down the control panel. There’s over-acting extra guy totally over-acting. He’s the best.

  15. “and then suddenly, as if on cue”
    Billy, that shit never gets old. I really laugh every time.

    EVERYTHING about this episode is entirely wrong. Just wrong. DJ had to beg Joey to leave because of her scholarship? The fuck? Shouldn’t he have acted proud and joyfully fled to his room? She wasn’t even asking him to leave the house! He’s really the biggest piece of shit!

    The concept of Michelle’s recreational science club is just bizarre, to begin with. And like previous commenters have said, it’s pretty weird that any museum would ever let them in ever again since their last stupid fiasco.

    Joey and Jesse should have been arrested for bringing little kids to a rowdy (well, full house’s version of rowdy) sports bar. That’s fucking horrible! WHO DOES THAT?! I’m shocked that they even showed a bar. The Full House-ers have never even had one beer in their whole lives. Every last one of ‘em.

    About two years ago when I was a senior in high school, I, like DJ, had an interview for a scholarship. It wasn’t in my house and it certainly wasn’t on Super Bowl Sunday. And everyone else I knew who had interviews were NEVER in their house. They all take place usually at the school or in a coffee shop, or something. (Btw, I totally won that scholarship. Yay me, guys!)

    Even as a kid who was, sadly, a humongous fan of this show, I always loathed this episode. It really just sucks.

    Thank you Billy, for sacrificing your mental health for all of us every week<3 Have a good weekend, guys!

    • Yes, but you’re forgetting: DJ once HELD a beer. Woe be unto the Full House at that moment! She might have actually taken a sip, like they assumed, and destroyed her life forever!

  16. Billy, are you interested in ornithology? I didn’t know those birds were obsessed with sex! I never really watched animal shows because it’s nightmarish when the animals have to kill each other for food!

    • I feel like every species has some type that’s obsessed with getting it on. Take the Bonobo chimp for example. They live to bang!

      • I saw a thing on Stephen Colbert’s show the other night about some species where the males accidentally wind up mating with each other. Apparently the female animal’s scent somehow winds up on a male, and another male will come along and smell that scent, get confused, and the two males will start having sex. Strange, yet funny, that story.

          • See, my dog will hump my leg when he smells another dog in heat that we will not let him go to.

  17. OMG, I have fallen so far behind on reading these. I lost my rhythm and have had trouble getting back to it. I wouldn’t have been surprised to come back to the blog and found the project over!

    So glad its not. I’ll have to get back in to the habit of reading these every week (and catching up on the ones I’ve missed).

    I’m surprised the bar closed down so everyone could go to the full house and watch the game. I think the owners would be pretty pissed…

    This is such as asinine episode, especially for me (and I think Billy) because I don’t care about sports AT ALL. I usually watch the superbowl, but only for the commercials. Except that I have so effectively programmed myself not to pay attention to commercials, that I wind up ignoring them all anyway!

    • All of the good commercials are now posted online the next day, anyway. No need to bother tuning in, only to tune out the game – why waste an afternoon?

      • My sentinments exactly. I’ve started doing that actually. I’ll just look up with the highest rated commercials were, then look them up on youtube or something. If I even feel like bothering.

        I also like to (intentionally) refer to football games as “sports matches”.

        • No need to do that. Go the official Super Bowl site, get to the current Super Bowl, and then find the commercials tab. Every commercial will be listed in order based on which quarter they aired.

          I used it because I watched the game online, and the ads weren’t the same.

    • Yeah, I’m not a sports fan, either, and I don’t give a crap about commercials, so the only time I might ever consider watching the Super Bowl is if some musician I like is playing the halftime show. And so far, that’s only ever happened twice, so…

  18. I remember this episode entirely too well. It’s funny that they never mention who is playing in the superbowl that year. In my child brain it totally made sense that Danny and Becky were hosting the pre-show since the 49ers were playing.

    Billy, have you looked into having your party at the Independent? It’s a music venue but they have a big screen and aired the superbowl and world series there (at least they did when the 49ers/Giants played). Not sure how much it would cost or how big of a place you’re looking for, but they’re definitely equipped for a slide show!

  19. Hi!

    I’m a big fan of the blog and live in SF so am eagerly looking forward to an event! I’m sure you hear this all the time but my sister and I grew up in the 80’s/90’s and fondly recall the many afternoons we spent hating Full House. She lives in NYC and told me about the blog, too bad you won’t have an event there for her to check out.

    I’m not sure your budget, capacity or which places you’ve already looked into but two bars that came to mind for me when you asked for suggestions were the Rickshaw Stop (where they host a monthly presentation so have a projector) and the El Rio (where I’ve seen all kinds of low budget awesome community events). Obviously Divisadero would also be a great spot because it’s full of hipsters and blocks from the “full house.” Have you tried Madrone? Since I think you live in SF too you probably don’t need much help with this but if you do I’d be happy to help out. I have planned some events and booked venues for fundraising (maybe not the same thing at all…..) but can’t hurt to offer.


    • Me and your sister are in the same boat. :/ I live in Manhattan and sadly won’t be able to attend any event (most likely. Womp! Hopefully videos will be taken.

  20. The only part of this episode I vaguely remember is Mimi (Kathy Kinney), because I’m a huge Drew Carey Show fan. I feel a little better knowing there are a few episodes of Full House I can’t recite verbatim.

    I’ve never heard of scholarship people actually coming to your house. I thought you just wrote an essay and with any luck you get a letter back. Did Mimi need to inspect DJ’s home to make sure she’s as financially desperate as she claims? Had she not been distracted by the Super Bowl party in the next room, she would’ve found that DJ lives with four local celebrities and probably would’ve denied her the scholarship and make her father and uncles and aunt cough up the dough.

    I know everyone’s already said it, but how in the fuck have Jesse and Joey not been arrested for endangering the welfare of a child yet? First the dinosaur incident, and now this.

    • Did Mimi need to inspect DJ’s home to make sure she’s as financially desperate as she claims? Had she not been distracted by the Super Bowl party in the next room, she would’ve found that DJ lives with four local celebrities and probably would’ve denied her the scholarship and make her father and uncles and aunt cough up the dough.

      This is a very interesting question/point.

      Also, “The Drew Carey Show” was great. I definitely remember watching it sometimes when I was younger. And now Craig Ferguson’s got his own late night talk show that I watch every night-love that guy.

      • Craig Ferguson will ALWAYS be Nigel Wick to me. To this day his real Scottish accent puts me off a bit because I’m expecting a posh English accent out of him.

  21. Wait didn’t you guys see my local morning show in Buffalo, NY hosting the World Series this month? Seriously I get that the writers were trying to get Danny out of there because then Joey wouldn’t have had to take the kids to the museum but use a better line.
    This season really tried to make some of my favorite interests lame; first the Gibbler drinking is wrong episode and now the who cares about the Super Bow concept.
    And finally unless Joey and Jesse offered free booze and food I just don’t get the appeal of going to their random house over their own homes after the TV’s broke at the bar
    -Bubba Santoni

    • Yep, that’s him lol. I thought that myself. Funny how they can get the same person to play a million different extras, but for some reason they couldn’t get the same woman to play Grandma a couple of times.

  22. Two suggestions for the wrap party:

    1. Tortilla Heights (
    They have a screen that you can project on (I’ve watched World Series games) on the back wall and the bartenders are pretty chill. Don’t know what it was cost to rent it out tho.

    2. Pete’s Tavern (
    They have a room downstairs that you can project onto as I went to a Cougar Town event here in January 2012 where they showed us episodes, etc.

    Looking forward to this!

    • Tortilla Heights is awesome. Excellent guacamole! All the medical staff from Mt. Zion go there for drinks during happy hour so it gets packed fast. Keep in mind these are the people that have a current viral video of dancing in the OR. So you’ll be in very good company.

  23. I’m pretty sure “The Drew Carey Show” began the following the season on ABC, so, it was fortunate that Kathy Kinney’s guest shot in this episode didn’t ruin her career to the point that she couldn’t be on Drew’s show.

    Isn’t one of the barflies the same guy who ordered Jesse to watch the luggage while he was playing with that oldies band in the airport lounge? I’m pretty sure he was also the guy who ate the entire sub sandwich in front of a starving Joey in the subway breaks down episode. Now these two morons just destroyed his chances of watching the Super Bowl in peace… and they showed him where they live! Smartest decision ever.

    And of course Danny and Rebecca Donaldson are incompetent at hosting the pre-game show. I think it’s clear that at this point that the only reason the two of them are able to keep their jobs is because they’re banging Mr. Strowbridge… or maybe they’re slipping hallucinogens into his coffee. I mean, how else did Rebecca become producer in the previous episode?

    • I think it’s clear that at this point that the only reason the two of them are able to keep their jobs is because they’re banging Mr. Strowbridge… or maybe they’re slipping hallucinogens into his coffee.

      Is it bad that I’m REALLY hoping that it’d be because they’re slipping hallucinogens to Strowbridge? I only say that because the idea of either of them having sex with him is…not something I want to picture. At all.

      • Drugs all the way. “Hey, Becky… the talking frogs in the breakroom think you’d be a great producer. Also, did you know that Whiter Shade of Pale is the best song ever? Wheeeeeee….”

    • What’s funny is that Mimi was supposed to be a one-off character in the pilot, but she turned out to be such a big hit that she became part of the main cast.

  24. Um getting a scholarship totally doesn’t work like that. Especially for an academic one, because it’s all DJ has going for her. Even considering this is the 90’s, it still doesn’t make sense someone would make an appointment at your house on a fucking Sunday. Wouldn’t it be in a guidance councilor’s office? Or like, even at the college you’re applying to?

    Whatever, this entire episode is contrived and ridiculous. I’m impressed by how insane the premise is.

    “Anyone who knows anything about science knows that the blue-footed booby loves to fuck.” plus the screencap! I’m dyyyyiiiinnnnggg. Oh that horny booby bird…

    • I graduated high school and started college in 1994 – and I got a shit ton of scholarships for academics. Mainly based on my ACT scores (we didn’t take the SATs where I lived/went to school).

      I didn’t have to interview or even do essays for any of them that I can recall – except for one of them. That one I went to the actual school with my dad and was interviewed. But that one was an ROTC scholarship – so it wasn’t just about school but I’d would have entered the service and started as an officer as soon as I graduated college. (side note – I was offered the scholarship, but didn’t take it – I realized I had NO desire to go into the military ever. I’m an Army brat so I had that lifestyle to an extent when I was a kid.) I don’t remember what day of the week my dad and I drove up for the interview, but I feel confident in saying that it was NOT on a Sunday.

      And I can assure everyone that not once did anyone ever come over to my house for interviews.

      On another note – I am not a fan of the Superbowl. In fact, I absolutely LOATHE football. I think I hate football as much as Billy hates Joey – which says a lot. However, if one is even remotely interested in the Superbowl, you will know with plenty of advanced warning which Sunday it will air. So the fact that all these people who were into the game had it just sneak up on them is absurd.

  25. Once again, Full House makes no sense. They’re allowed back in the museum after the dinosaur shenanigans that happened last time? I like seeing Mimi though, The Drew Carey show is hilarious.

    I’m jealous that I don’t live in America otherwise I’d TOTALLY show up for a get-together. Except I’m just under the age limit for bar entry over there, so maybe not. It’s unfortunate too because I know a great little pub where I live that once had a short movie playing on one of the walls, they’d probably allow a slideshow. Good luck getting everything sorted, Billy!

    • Assuming they were going to the same museum, I’m thinking that they were just going to show up rather than having booked it in advance, thus alerting the museum staff that they were coming. Of course, that’s probably giving the writers too much credit.

  26. Okay, this is probably extremely random but something has always irritated me with this episode. If memory serves me correctly, Jessie got $40 in quarters for the kids, which the bartender quickly gives him, which he gives the kids. Two things always stood out to me: (a) how was the bartender able to round up $40 in quarters that fast? That’s 160 quarters buddy. Also, (b) how was he able to hold that many quarters in two hands? And how was it so easy to hand it off to the kids?

    …I don’t know guys. I’m one of the weird people who stalk this blog and wonder completely nonsensical things :p

      • This IS a good question! I’ve done enough cashiering to know that no one has that many quarters on hand unless they’re a bank, or the sort of place where a change machine is utilized.

        • Especially on a Sunday, when banks are closed! I remember working at retail jobs, and half the time we ran out of certain wrapped change on Sundays. No way would someone be handing over all those quarters.

    • If the quarters were rolled, you could easily carry it in your hands (rolled quarters = $10). I worked in retail and we used to keep 6-8 rolled quarters on hand. Although in this setting, I would have threw the kids and the uncles out the moment they walked into the bar.

  27. Great write-up…nothing about this ep made sense (Michelle’s science club taking a field trip on Sun? Letting the kids into a sports bar? The scholarship lady coming to the house?). Also, were they having a reunion of extras and bit players? LOL

  28. Billy, Would you be okay with doing the wrap party somewhere else in the Bay Area? South or East Bay? Getting reservations for a banquet room at a restaurant? I’d be down for going to something like that. If you want help planning, let me know. I’ve planned events like this before.

  29. too many things about this episode are annoying. their front door is not hidden or anything so WHY do people go to the back door? was Mimi avoiding the steps at the front door? does she have a bad knee??

    What museums are open on Sunday? what kind of parent would trust Jesse watching their kid there after that dinosaur incident? Why would Mimi make an appointment on SB Sunday if she was such a huge football fan?

    Who was watching the twins while the Uncles brought Michelle to the bar? what bar doesn’t keep the remote behind the bar?

    • I can’t assume for all museums but if I remember correctly (and this is based on 2 weeks in Paris when I went to a ton of museums) but I think most museums are open on Sundays but Mondays are their closed days. I just did a quick check of a local to me museum in Atlanta and it’s opened on Sunday but closed on Monday.

      Everything else you said – I totally agree with. I hadn’t even thought about who was watching the twins. They were probably walking around the house talking gibberish the whole time not even realizing they were alone because they are unsupervised 95% of the time anyway.

  30. I was dying when I saw the screencap of Weeb in the front door with his bugged out eyes. When I first saw this episode years ago, I thought it was the guy who played Carl Winslow on Family Matters (Reginald VelJohnson) but it wasn’t. We had a local comedian around here named Tiny Glover, who bore a striking resemblance to the actor who played Weeb, bugged out eyes and all. Sadly, he passed away from heart failure a few years ago. He was overweight and on a treadmill when he had a heart attack. This comedian entertained us on our senior project graduation night, and once at school when I was 9. (On my 9th birthday, believe it or not, lol)
    Anyway, yeah the whole science museum/sports bar subplot makes ZERO sense. so stupid. Not one of my favorite episodes. But there is a bit where all the barflies are in the living room being all noisy because of the game, while DJ tries to talk to Mimi, and she opens the door and shouts “SHUT UP!” That always made me LOL. As does when Danny opens the door to the “scoreboard” room and it’s a broom closet.

  31. Honestly I hate the dude, but somehow this episode made me feel bad for Joey because CMON….we’re really supposed to be on Michelle’s side in this? Okay so he MONTHS ago didn’t realize he was busy this day and had to let her down. She can go to the science museum any weekend and the Super Bowl only comes one weekend a year, so I was so mad when Joey was the one who started apologizing and saying he was wrong. NO Joey for the first time you were RIGHT (besides bringing them to a seedy bar and that wacky stuff.)

    • bJS, I think Derrick’s mom who drove those kids in her mini-van should have taken the kids. Maybe Aaron’s dad could have helped if he stopped looking at the stewardesses around the pool with the help of his telescope. Joey could have gone to the sports bar with Jesse while Stephanie watched the twins. After the interview, Mimi could have gone to the bar and see the game. I think the parents of Aaron, Derrick, and Teddy should take up the slack and watch the group of kids! I never see those parents do that!

  32. Billy, I don’t know if this is feasible – but it would be awesome if you were able to somehow live stream the events so all of us who can’t be there can be there in spirit. At the very least it would be awesome if it was videotaped and then put up on the site after the fact.

  33. I was really looking forward to Superbowl Sunday this year. I had more TVs installed, and a better sound system. I had good beer on tap, better beer in bottles, and every glass in the place was sparkling, as though Mr Clean himself had come in to personally lick them into a beautiful shine. Things could not have been better. I had even invited my bookie friend Weasel to come in and take bets on the spot. Things were going great. Beer flowed like water, and the snacks were plentiful. I was making money hand-over-fist, which was fantastic because this year, I had quite a few customers that I had never seen before, rather than just a group of my friends coming in to scam free beer from me. My own little bar had finally arrived.
    But in walk these two characters, skinny white guys that I swear I’ve seen everywhere. The first was this aging rocker, Vulture. I remember him from my bouncer days. He was a pretty lousy musician, and you could tell that that toupee of his was something he spent a lot of time on (at least I think it was a toupee). He had his boyfriend in tow with him, this schmuck with a bad mullet. I guess they make a cute couple, but I swear I’ve seen this guy on TV before. I’ve watched a lot of kids’ programming with my sister’s kids, and I think he was either on a show with a puppet, or maybe one of those science shows with the fake professor? I dunno. So I go to unclog the shitter (cuz one of my regulars Big Mike can’t seem to remember that the nachos don’t agree with him), and when I come back, they’ve got a herd of kids with ‘em. So I know gay couples adopt, but this way too many kids. Plus, they were in a bar – MY bar! – and I could get into a bunch of trouble for that! The one in the mullet asks for quarters then – like, all of the quarters that I had gotten for the weekend. I handed them over, hoping that these guys were gonna take the kids elsewhere, like an arcade or something, but no. These little punks run amok in my bar! Now, I don’t have to put up with this shit. Do you know how many years I did that Rigby the Rhino gig to save up to buy this place? A lot. Do you know how many shin-kicks, nasty potty-mouthed brats, and unruly parents I dealt with in that time? More than any one person should have to. I’m about to throw them out when one of the kids gets a hold of the remote and changes the channel to a show featuring wild bird husbandry. Now, I like a good blue-footed booby booty call just as much as the next guy, but that shit wasn’t cool. My customers got pissed off, and just as I’m about to throw these asshole parthenons out into the street, the gay couple tips over the control podium, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment is shot… on Superbowl Sunday… during the game. I’m done. I figure Big Mike can have these little bitches with the bad hair. This little blonde girl steps forward and suggest that we all go to the science museum, which is just fucked up. How does that make sense? But then the gay couple says that everyone can watch the game at their house, and people start to file out the door behind them. Okay, so this gets both the gay couple and their bratty kids out of my bar, but it also meant that my entire days’ profits were filing out with them! Everybody had an open tab, and that gay couple owed me for the electronics that they just ruined! Naturally, I went after them, and we ended up at the house of the couple, which was less pink and doily-covered than I would assume. A girl dressed like a sister-wife greeted us, all upset, and made us go into the kitchen. But then a few minutes later, she made everyone go into the living room to watch the game. She even yelled at us to shut up. So I’m trying to collect on my tabs, and my customers are complaining that there’s no beer or snacks, and the TV is too small. But then, in she walks: the blonde babe that I banged last Superbowl. She looks different in her business dress, rather than her stained football jersey, but it’s her all the same. Seems she had come over to this very full house to interview the sister-wife for some scholarship, but really just wanted to watch the game. I wasn’t sure what to do. I had really enjoyed her company last year, but she didn’t call me the next day, and my heart had been broken. She appeared glad to see me, and being the gentleman I was, I asked how she had been. She said she thought about me often, but had lost my number, and wasn’t sure how to find me again. My heart soared, and I suggested a date. But then she winked at me and said that she had seen a sex boat parked out back. I collected my open tabs, and then hit that like a blue-footed booby.

  34. I must have stopped watching Full House by this point, because I totally don’t remember seeing these last couple of episodes.

    Anyway, you know what really struck me as odd? A college scholarship person comes to the house to interview DJ, and Danny isn’t there for it? Super Bowl or no, you know Mr. Anal Retentive would have been all up in the mix on that one trying to coordinate everything and make sure the house was spotless for that shit.

  35. I’m sorry I came a few years late to the party, but let me say thank you for doing this and sticking to it. I do remember disliking the show as a kid (although before you give me any credit I also liked “Step By Step” and “Family Matters”), but I am having memories awoken by your posts. Between this and Bob Saget’s own stand-up (which I seriously wonder if the people who bash your blog because they claim to be diehard “Full House” fans are even aware of), I feel like one of the nostalgic ghosts of my past have finally been staked and sealed in its tomb.

    Incidentally – and I swear I’m not just whoring my own blog – you might enjoy my own speculation as to what was behind the Tanner household.

  36. Thank you as always, Billy. I always save your newest post to read when I’m having a bad time and I always look forward to it. I’ll miss this blog so much when you finish up this season!

    And I always notice that extra in the denim jacket! He’s always playing a surly, angry character, except when he gets to eat that sandwich from El Bloato’s while everyone is stuck on the subway. Also Joey’s hair looks so bad I can hardly stand it, god.

  37. Question of the post: Why didn’t these people just go to another bar…? SF’s gotta have thousands and no those bar jokes will not be made here.

  38. Actually, I can picture a seven-year-old Derek organizing that science club. He’d have a pager, issue Cloisonné pins bearing the club’s logo, and not give a shit about organizing cultural outings during major sporting events.

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